Research Overview 
Ultralow-noise & ultra-stable 
optical frequency combs 
Frequency comb-based 
microwave/mm-wave photonics
Frequency comb-based 
on-chip photonic systems
Frequency comb-based ultrafast 
camera & dynamic imaging
Frequency comb-based 
industrial metrology

We are at the forefront of the development of ultralow-noise optical frequency comb sources and their innovative timing applications spanning from synchronizing ultrafast quantum science and radio astronomy facilities through chip-scale microwave photonic systems to ultrafast 3D dynamics imaging.

Our Timeline, Major Achievements & Future Research Direction

5-Minute Virtual Lab Tour
Come and visit our labs at KAIST to explore our fascinating research on ultralow-noise and compact optical frequency combs, as well as their exciting engineering and scientific applications!
(originally created by our students to be shown at the IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meetings 2022)